Fees structure

Course Fee, Terms & Conditions:

  • Screenplay Writing & Direction
  • Screenplay Writing & Direction (Week-end)
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Digital Editing

Course Fee

The Course fee varies for each course and do contact our Admission Counselor
at 90030 78000 or 90030 79000 for further information on the same.

  • Students selected for the courses need to pay the First Semester tuition fees within a week after the receipt of the Admission card as the course fee specified.
  • Fee once paid shall not be returned. The students confirming the joining by paying the initial fee or full semester fee, shall forfeit the entire amount, if he or she does not join the course when it commences. Once the course commences, the tuition fee paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances if a student desires to exit the course due to any reason, including medical disability.
  • The Course fee must be paid either by way of Demand Draft or Pay Order in favour of BOFTA FILM INSTITUTE.
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) shall be charged at 18% on all payments made to BOFTA. If there are any additional taxes levied by the government/taxation authorities, the same will be communicated to the students.
  • All amounts are payable in Indian Rupees. The same amounts are payable by both Indian and International students.
  • The first semester fee is payable within a week of being accepted into a BOFTA course. This 'Acceptance' payment is non-refundable and it can at best be carried forward to the next course.
  • The second semester fee is payable a month before the commencement of the semester. Those who fail to pay the second semester fee on time, shall not be allowed to continue the studies.
  • Transfer of fees across / between courses is subject to management approval, on a case-by-case basis, and will involve a re-calculation of fees based on the existing fees in the new course amount already paid by the student and where in the course (which semester) the student chooses to transfer:
  • If a student changes specialization mid-course from a course with a lower fee to a course with a higher fee, the fee difference, on a retrospective basis (for the semesters already completed), is to be paid by the student before commencement of the next Semester.
  • If a student changes specialization mid-course from a course with a higher fee to a course with a lower fee, no refunds will be made retrospectively for fee differences, if any in the Semesters already completed, and, irrespective of such differences, fees payable for future Semesters have to be paid as per the fee policy.
  • Once a Semester has commenced, all fees paid / payable up to the end of that semester are non-refundable. Should a student leave his/her course mid-semester, fees for that semester is non-refundable but any fees paid in advance for future semesters will be refunded, subject to deductions.
  • If a student wishes to withdraw from the course between two semesters, it has to be conveyed to in writing to the Director and the Administration Manager at least two weeks prior to Semester commencement. After such date, entire fees payable for that semester will be applicable.
  • Any scholarship / fee waiver / fee adjustment extended to a student will be used to reduce the fees payable for the second Semester only of his/her course.
  • A delay in Fee Payment will involve a penalty of Rs.1,000/- per week.
  • Tuition fee does not include any additional study tour costs. If there is any such tour planned, students will be required to pay for the same separately. Due notice will be given to students for the same.
  • Adjustment of student's dues / outstanding dues against advances / deposits / other considerations may be considered by management at its discretion on a case-to-case basis.
  • Excessively delayed fee payments may be cause for cancellation of admission.
  • Fee Policies as above are subject to change at Management's discretion. Appropriate notification of the same will be issued to all students.
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