Digital Cinematography Course

BOFTA’s Cinematography course builds the essential and practical skills to equip students for the role of a Cinematographer / Director of Photography.

This six months course is designed to give a professional hands-on training to students to develop both the creative vision and the technical mastery necessary for a successful career in Cinematography.

The student will master camera and lighting techniques and learn how to create required mood, theme and feel for the production. Course curriculum is planned with special care to take students forward on par with the industry. Students will have rigorous training in all modules making them technically and aesthetically sound. The curriculum is also designed in such a way that it meets the industry standards, imparting cutting edge technologies, enhancing visual aesthetics which are indispensable aspects to become a successful cinematographer.

Advantages of studying at BOFTA

  • Learning film making from Leading Cinematographers
  • New Products Launch from leading Brands Like ARRI,RED,SONY,CANON,APUTURE
  • Updated Syllabus for every new batch
  • Individual Attention to the students on their academic progress
  • Monthly Evaluation – by exams
  • Friendly atmosphere with emphasis on practical learning
  • Shooting videos on different narratives.

At the end of the course, students will be able to…

  • Apply camera and lighting techniques to create desired visual effects.
  • Use a light meter/ histogram/false color to determine exposure.
  • Employ depth-of-field, static, motion, zoom, pan, dolly, and truck in camera movement for video production.
  • Apply camera positioning to create atmosphere or mood.
  • Create video footage using a variety of camera moves.
  • Describe the characteristics of types of light such as spot, flood, ambient, omni, and sun.
  • Apply various lighting techniques to create a desired visual effect such as atmosphere,
  • Evaluate the overall effects of color.
  • Create the composition of a shot, scene, and action.
  • Apply photographic principles such as shutter speed, f-stop, focal length, depth of field, etc.
  • Construct a storyboard with lighting plots.
  • Translate ideas into visual elements.
  • Indicate lighting plots.
  • Understand Basic and Advanced Makeup techniques for different faces.
  • Operate Cinema Cameras, Video still cameras and Menu Navigation
  • Assemble trolley and Crane
  • Understand Screenplay structures and apply cinematography principles
  • Participate as a member / leader of a team.

Course Fee

The Course fee varies for each course and do contact our Admission Counselor at 90030 78000 or 90030 79000 for further information on the same.

The Masters for the Regular Cinematography Course are:

  • Cinematographer - Mahesh Muthuswami
  • Cinematographer - A. Ramesh Kumar
  • Cinematographer - C.J. Rajkumar
  • Cinematography Trainer - Gowrishankar

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