Digital Film Editing Course

It is often said that, 'Films are finalized at two tables; one, the screenplay writing table and the other, the editor's table'. Editing is as important as writing and filming because it is the editor who finally ensures that the filmmaker's vision is effectively translated to the 'movie' that is presented to the audience.

In this Six Months Course, students study the art and skill of Digital Film Editing and learn how to apply both technical skills and good storytelling to bring effectively stories on screen.

The course is designed and conducted by multiple National Awards winning Editor and Director B. Lenin and will be highly practical oriented. The emphasis will be on storytelling through fine editing, to help the students become efficient Digital Film Editors.

First Semester

  • History of Cinema
  • Film Appreciation
  • History of Film-Editing
  • Elements of Digital Film Editing
  • Study of Editing tools
  • Library and other activities

Second Semester

  • History and Techniques of Digital Video Editing
  • Elements of Sound-Editing
  • Time, Rhythm and Special Effects in Editing
  • Video Production Project
  • Other responsibilities of an Editor

Mid-year project

  • Film Production Project - I

Final Project

  • Film Production Project - II

Course Fee

The Course fee varies for each course and do contact our Admission Counselor at 90030 78000 or 90030 79000 for further information on the same.

The Masters for the Regular Editing Course are:

  • Director & Editor - B. Lenin
  • Editing Trainer - Shakila
  • Editing Trainer - Anand
  • Editing Trainer - Kamesh

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