The Masters are committed to take regular classes at least twice in a week for a duration of 2 hours each. They will be taking specific subjects assigned to them using examples of their films and other filmmaker's films. In case they are stuck in shooting in a specific week, during the following week, they will take additional classes to compensate. Our tie up with Masters is clearly to spend at least 16 to 24 hours a month with the students, which will be ensured by the Academy, through regular coordination with the Masters.

The courses are full-time starting from 9.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m with a lunch break for 1 hour. There are also week-end courses in filmmaking but no part time courses for now. The students will be expected to be at the campus latest by 9.30 a.m and late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes as it involves Masters, who cannot be disrespected with late coming.

Each of the courses will have 10 subjects to be learnt by the students. Out of them 5 to 6 will be practical and the rest will be theory, which is nothing but the basics of the skills being learnt by the student, which is essential. The students will get into practical sessions from the first month itself and will be exposed to as much practical activity as possible through workshops and on the field jobs.

The Masters are conversant in English and Tamil. They will use the languages, whichever goes well for the students and situation. We expect most will use Tanglish (Tamil + English) during their teachings.

The courses with more practical orientation were designed by the Masters of each department (film makers to actors) keeping in mind the requirement of the current film industry. The Academy has accepted their planned curriculum as it believes that the Masters know the best on what is required for their students. The curriculum for all the courses are interesting, stimulating and aims to bring out the best from the students and give them the required practical exposure to the art of film making. At the same time, we will be continuously evolving and modifying the syllabus based on students' inputs.

The exams will be both theory and practical based. Examinations will be in Tamil and English, depending on which language the student is comfortable with to write.

As the Academy is offering only Diploma courses, the minimum qualification expected is 10+2 pass (equivalent for foreign students) with serious interest and passion to learn the skills of film making and other techniques. There is no age limit for any of the courses offered by the Academy.

The students will be selected by the respective Masters for the courses through a personal interview.

The Academy is situated at the heart of the city at Kodambakkam, the hub of Kollywood. It is at Raviprasad Film Labs, No.8 to 11, V.O.C. Main Street, Lane before Ram Theatre at Kodambakkam. On the Kodambakkam High Road, it is next bus stop to Power House, opposite lane to Town Bus restaurant.

Yes. We have a hostel facility separately for boys at reasonable cost per month and details can be obtained from the academy while coming for the interview.

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