BOFTA Film Institute was founded with the noble objective to connect leading Masters of filmmaking and film technology with the students, aspiring to be a part of the film industry. The philosophy of ‘LEARN FROM THE MASTERS’ is followed strictly at BOFTA and eminent Masters in various fields are training and guiding the students and shaping their career in all the courses conducted. To meet the ever growing need for providing the best infrastructure and facilities to the students and to offer special scholarship in the fees to deserving students, we need your help and partnership.

If you are looking for trained talent for your Television Channel or Production Company or Post Production organization or Directorial office, do contact us at or You can also support us in the art of cinematography by sponsoring a faculty chair and we will name the position after your company or individual name. If you are interested in helping an under-privileged student to realize his/her dreams in the field of film technology, please contact us and we can work out a scholarship plan that can pay the course fee for the student for our one year courses.

You can also get involved in our Academy in many other ways and support in its growth by contributing to the Foundation. It will help BOFTA to grow its infrastructure and offer its best to the budding students and also include under-privileged students into the academy to learn the film technology. Please, write to us at or to explore on how we can work together.


If you’re interested in donating filmproduction related items/equipment, film industry related books, literature and novels, DVDs of films and documentaries, cinematography or editing or dubbing related equipment or services, sponsoring the fee for a student’s education in any course, please write to us at or We will be happy to work with you to design the best way for you to benefit from donating or contributing to the BOFTA FILM INSTITUTE FOUNDATION, which will benefit our students immensely.


The BOFTA FILM INSTITUTE FOUDNATION is formed to help students to get support in their fees and also to enhance the infrastructure and facilities offered at BOFTA.

The Managing Trustees of the Foundation are:

Director Sasi, Eminent Filmmaker
Film Producer and National Award Winning Writer, G. Dhananjayan, Founder-Dean of BOFTA
Producer and Businesswoman, LalithaDhananjayan, Director of BOFTA

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