Diploma Courses

Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy (BOFTA) offers Diploma courses in Film Technology (DFT). Each course is a 12 months study with two terms of six months each.

BOFTA's DFT courses consists of 10 papers (including practical tests), a mid-year project and various workshops and assignments. The Masters from Film industry will conduct all the DFT courses. The course materials are all given free to the students.

Students passing out of the Academy after two semesters shall get a Diploma Certificate from BOFTA. Both the semester examinations shall be conducted by the BOFTA team with the help of external examiners and the students must pass them all to be eligible for the Diploma.


The curriculum has been developed and ratified by the Masters of the respective courses, with latest trends in these fields in mind, laying more emphasis on practical learning.

The curriculum outlined here is only an indication of the range of subjects offered and is not a detailed one. The rationale is that the curriculum has to be dynamic and in-sync with the ever-changing trends of the industry and the knowledge imparted to the students has to be relevant to the requirements of the industry. What is aimed at is a smooth transition from classroom education to rough and tumble of the real Film world. This is the goal of BOFTA!

Course Details

Courses will be conducted in Tamil and English. Students should be proficient in writing at least one language out of these two.

Course material will be in Tamil and English, depending on the student's proficiency in reading.

The examinations will be in Tamil and English twice during the year. For those who cannot write in Tamil, writing in English will be permitted.

The Academy expects students to come neatly dressed to the classes.

The Cinematography students will be required to buy an appropriate hand-held digital movie camera for shooting various films.

The students have to buy a laptop with the configuration, capacity, software and storage capacity required for the study, storing the study materials and film content.

All students will be given a Library card to access and borrow non-Reference Books.

Students will be provided with complete course curriculum and materials by the Academy on commencement of each semester.

The in-house library shall have the reference books mentioned in the curriculum for students' use.

Recommended books need to be bought by the students for further reading.

The classes will be conducted from Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break for most courses.

Screenplay Writing and Direction students shall have six day classes for first three months and then will follow the other course timings.

Saturdays are reserved for outdoor activities, workshops and film viewing as a group for all the students.

All the regular and week-end courses commence in July of every year with an orientation program. Regular classes are held from first week of February 2023.

The Convocation is held every year on 5th September to commemorate with the Teacher's Day celebrations.

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